LGT8F328P-U Control Board
LGT8F328P-U Control Board
LGT8F328P-U Control Board
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LGT8F328P-U Control Board

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ALPHA 8F328P-U is an Arduino compatible development board. Arduino IDE can be used for development (you need your own installation support). It is recommended to use the OCROBOT development environment, and the LGT support package can be directly installed in "Development Board Manager".

 The MCU used by ALPHA 8F328P-U is LGT8F328P, which is an Atmel MEGA328P compatible chip. The USB chip uses Hetai HT42B534-1, WIN10 and MAC OS X driver-free.

 The architecture design of 8F328P is relatively new, and the peripheral function is far better than that of ATMEL MEGA328. Especially the program encryption ability is far superior to MEGA328. Details can be viewed in the Data sheets.

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  • Comes with USB, more convenient to use.
  • The 8F328P can be powered by 3V3 and 5V, operating at 16M frequencies with excellent levels of compatibility.
  • Built in high precision RC, can be stably operating without external crystal oscillator.
  • Less peripheral parts, simple circuit design.
  • 12 bit ADC (analog to digital conversion)
  • Comes with DAC.
  • Comes with GUID (unique ID) that can be used for chip program encryption.
  • Comes with an internal 1.024V/2.048V/4.096V + 1% calibration reference voltage source.
  • MCU:LGT8F328P
  • FLASH:32Kbytes
  • SRAM:2Kbytes
  • E2PROM:Configurable as 0K / 1K / 2K / 4K / 8K (shared with flash)
  • PWM:8ways(D3、D5、D6、D9、D10、D11)
  • ADC:6-channel12-bit
  • DAC:1-channel 8-bit
  • UART:1way
  • SPI:Yes
  • TWI(I2C)Yes
  • GUID(Global Device NO.)Yes
  • INTERNAL BENCHMARK:1.024V/2.048V/4.096V ±0.5%
  • SYSTEM LOGIC LEVEL:5V at the factory (can be switched to 3V3 via the pad)
  • PCB SIZE:50.8mmX25.4mm
  • PIN PITCH:ALPHA Pin standard
  • VIO:Communication level input